Continuing Disability Reviews: Factors That Might Lead To A Cessation Of Benefits


Being initially approved for social security disability benefits does not guarantee that you will continue receiving benefits indefinitely.

Those in the process of seeking disability benefits should be aware of the fact that continuing disability reviews (CDRs) will be conducted periodically afterwards so that the Social Security Administration can verify that benefits are still needed. 

Medical improvement

Disabled individuals receive benefits because it is determined that they have a health condition that prevents them from continuing work. Of course, over time a disabled individual could recover from his or her condition and regain the ability to work. 

The SSA could decide to discontinue benefits for individuals who have shown medical improvement sufficient to allow the individuals to work at substantial gainful activity or "SGA" level. In general, this means that the disabled individual is capable of making a minimum of $1,090 each month by going back to his or her previous employment.  

Other reasons benefits might end

Medical improvement is not the only factor that can lead to a cessation of benefits. The following are a few other factors that permit the SSA to stop sending out disability checks to recipients after a CDR:

  • Employment- Disability recipients who have begun working above the SGA level since their last CDR will not be granted continued benefits even if they have not shown medical improvement. 
  • Recent training- An individual who has undergone training since the last CDR that qualifies him or her to do sedentary work may lose disability benefits. 
  • A reevaluation of a condition- In some cases, new methods are developed for evaluating the severity of a health condition that disqualify a disability recipient from receiving disability payments for that condition. 

Tips for ensuring continued benefits:

Filling out forms

One of the most important factors in a CDR is submitting the appropriate forms. There are certain red flags in these forms that could indicate to the SSA that a recipient should no longer be receiving disability payments. These include indicating that a physician has told the recipient that he or she can work or that the recipient's health has improved significantly since the last review. 

Maintaining a relationship with your doctor

Sometimes, the SSA will require medical records or a medical exam as part of a CDR. In this case, it's beneficial for recipients to maintain a close relationship with their doctors and to see their doctors regularly for checkups regarding their conditions. Contact Law Offices Of Russell J. Goldsmith for more information.


18 February 2015

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