Where You Misdiagnosed With Breast Cancer Recently? Fight Back And Get Help


If you went into your doctor for a regular mammogram and the physician decided that they needed to treat you for breast cancer, but you were later cleared of the disease, you want to find a medical malpractice lawyer right away. If you went into debt, and spent your time trying to treat a disease that you didn't have, you deserve to be compensated.

Unfortunately, there are thousands of people misdiagnosed with breast cancer annually. Your primary care doctor or the oncologist that you started to see may not be the only person that is responsible for this mishap. Before you meet with your attorney, make sure that you bring the following information to your consult.

Medical Expenses

Have your medical offices print out all of the statements that you've had for the appointments, labs, scans and treatments throughout the time that you thought you had cancer. They should be able to pull up the information and you determine what your insurance company has paid, and what you have had to pay out of your own pocket. This is all money you'll want to get back in your settlement from the hospital. If you went as far as to have a surgical procedure, make sure that you document all of the costs from this as well.

Oncology Reports

If the oncologist that read your biopsy isn't very familiar with breast cancer or doesn't see a lot of cases throughout the year, there is a chance that they could misdiagnose your case. You'll want to get a copy of the images and the oncology diagnoses report, along with the information about the oncologist.

Treatment Information

Where you receiving radiation or chemotherapy for the cancer that you didn't have? If so, did you suffer because it was making you sick, weak and depressed? These treatments could have several negative effects on your body and long term health, and you went through the treatments for no reasons. You need to document how many treatments you had and when for the lawyer.

The lawyer will work to get you back the money that you already have invested in the treatment of your misdiagnosis, along with more money for time you spent getting the treatment. You also deserve to be compensated for the stress that you had thinking that you were suffering from some type life-threatening disease, which was all because of someone else's mistake. Contact a legal firm, such as The Reed Noble Law Firm PLLC, for more information.     


4 January 2016

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