Workers Comp Or VA Disability? A Lawyer Can Help Decide


Being injured on the job takes a toll on both the worker and the business. In addition to being in pain and potentially missing some of your pay, your business won't be as efficient while missing a valuable employee asset. As a veteran you need to think about your injuries and what could have contributed to the problem, such as mobility issues or distractions caused by something during military service. Before talking to anyone, consider a few injury compensation angles and speak with a lawyer from a firm like Owen Law Firm.

Workers Compensation For The On-The-Job Incident

The benefits of workers compensation are designed to help you recover faster without suffering the adverse effects of unemployment or severe underemployment after being injured on the job. If you qualify for workers comp, your medical bills will be handled by an independent insurance agency with obligations managed by your state Workers Compensation Commission.

You'll also receive either matching compensation for your paycheck or some percentage dictated by state law. Although every state has different policies, states such as South Carolina will provide 66 2/3% of your average weekly wage (located under "How Is The Compensation Rate Determined?). 

There are some difficulties that could stand between you and workers compensation, such as whether the injury was caused by your own gross negligence or if you were actually on company property/assignment during the incident. Such concerns should be left to a lawyer, but if you were injured because of a pre-existing condition, you need to think about the associated consequences.

If you were injured because of a loss of balance caused by injured limbs, head pains, joint problems or other issues? Is that really your fault, or should your company or compensation insurance hold the full burden of supporting you for a pre-existing condition? Don't give your potential legal opponents any legal ammunition by discussing these points with them, but consider treating your condition as a disability that could lead to other incidents.

If you're a military veteran, you may have one of the easiest ways of seeking that compensation and may be entitled to both workers compensation and Veterans Affairs disability.

Veterans Affairs Is Ready To Help

Seeking compensation for an old injury or condition can be extremely difficult. It's not likely that the other party will easily accept responsibility, and the gap of time between your alleged older incident and the newer incident can be blamed instead.

Who says that you weren't injured because or someone else? What if you were injured at home, or on your own free time and simply want to abuse the system? These questions can be used to battle your claim, but as a veteran, one "opponent" is more likely to accept your argument and even help you with the argument.

The Department of Veterans Affairs exists to support veterans as they transition to a civilian life, and your injury could be a disability claim waiting to happen. To claim Veterans Affairs (VA) disability benefits, you'll need to prove that your injury is both a result of your military service and currently a problem that affects your life. If you're seeking workers compensation because of an incident resulting an old incident, you have a strong argument for current suffering.

To prove military connection, you need to either show proof that you were injured in the military through medical documentation or at least a complaint showing that you at least acknowledged the problem before leaving the military. Contact an injury lawyer to discuss links between workers compensation, VA compensation and any other benefits you may be entitled to.


11 February 2016

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