Pro-Wrestling Event Injuries: 4 Factors That May Impact Your Case


Attending a pro-wrestling event is a thrilling experience filled with great performers and a lot of action. When attending a pro-wrestling event, you may expect the violence to stay inside of the ring. When you are injured as a member of the audience, you may have a personal injury case on your hands. There are many factors that go into this case and sorting through them with a personal injury attorney is the best way to break down these cases and build evidence.

Rowdy Fans

Pro-wrestling crowds are filled with passionate fans that love to cheer on their favorite performers. Sometimes this passion can get taken too ar. Fans may throw objects or even attempt to perform some of the moves themselves. If you are a victim of a violent act like this, then a lawyer can seek a settlement from the person that caused the injury. Alcohol may also play a part in these actions and a lawyer could hold a venue liable for serving too many drinks to an inebriated person. Witness statements and venue footage may be used to help prove this evidence.


Pro-wrestlers are often displayed as larger than life athletes. To help that persona come across, pyrotechnics are often used for introductions. The smoke or heat from pyrotechnics could be the result of your injury. When fireworks are used in an indoor venue, it can be hard to control smoke and proper ventilation. You may suffer from a breathing attack or get burned by pyro that goes off too closely to your face. An attorney can help showcase the dangers of these pyrotechnics and the direct cause of your injury. In a case like this, both the venue and wrestling company may be held liable for the injuries.

Wrestler Interference

Wrestling often feels real as they attempt to get close with fans and get crowds involved. Wrestlers may enter through the audience or matches may leave the ring and spill over into spectator areas. This type of fan interaction could lead to possible injuries. For example, a wrestler may throw a chair at another wrestler. If the chair misses and hits you, it could result in a serious injury. A lawyer can use video footage and images to showcase how the injury occurred and the negligence from the performers involved. This can help you reach a settlement to receive compensation for any related injuries

Extended Financial Impacts

If you are injured at a wrestling event, there may be extended financial impacts that the guilty party is liable for. For example, you may have flown to the city to watch the wrestling show. As you went to a hospital for treatment, your flight back home could have been missed. Through a settlement case, you can receive compensation for the missed flight, wasted hotel rooms, rental cars, or extended factors like missing work. An attorney can help calculate all of these costs.

Shortly after the injury, you should contact a personal injury lawyer. This will allow them to build evidence and gather any video footage from the wrestling event.  


4 May 2016

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