Getting Ready To Meet With A Personal Injury Attorney Can Make Or Break Your Case


Personal injury lawyers will often meet with you for an initial consultation in order to look over the merits of your case. Poor preparation can make the difference between getting a lawyer interested and having everyone pass over your case. If you are vague about your injuries or how they happened, it can be difficult to determine the viability of your case. If you come to your meeting prepared with accident reports, medical records, and clear documentation, your attorney will be able to look at all of your evidence and decide if your case is a strong one. The more information you can provide, the easier it will be to assess your case.

Your Complete Medical Records Tell the Story

From the moment you receive treatment for your personal injury, the medical records created are vital to your personal injury case. You will want to gather medical records from any emergency care you receive, your primary care physician, and any specialists you have been going to. Medical records give your attorney a look into how you are doing overall and what treatment you have received to overcome your injuries. 

Accident Reports and Witness Statements

If there are accident reports or witness statements from your accident, get a copy of everything to bring to your attorney. Look over the reports and look for any obvious mistakes. If you find any issues, report the mistake to the entity that created the report in the first place. You may be able to get the accident report changed to reflect what really happened. Witness statements can also strengthen your case, so gather any statements that exist to show your attorney.

Medical Bills and Other Losses

Medical bills begin to add up quickly. If you have paid medical bills, car repairs, or have lost wages because of your accident, bring the evidence to your attorney when you set up your initial consultation. You will need to be able to show losses when you are in an accident in order to seek compensation for your injuries. When you don't have any losses, there isn't anything to compensate you for in a personal injury suit.

Meeting an attorney for the first time can feel overwhelming. When you go to meet to discuss your personal injury case, be prepared to answer plenty of questions. Bring all of your documentation with you and write down everything you can remember about the accident. For more information, contact personal injury attorneys in your area.


1 August 2019

Maximizing Compensation in Accident and Injury Lawuits

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