Five Tactics Commonly Used By Worker's Compensation Insurance Providers


You should never underestimate the lengths that a worker's compensation insurance adjuster will go to try to limit compensation. Their job is to deny you benefits or to pay you much less than you deserve. There are several tactics that are commonly used by these professionals.

1. Claiming That the Statute of Limitations Ran Out

Never assume that anything the adjuster tells you is correct. For example, the adjuster might tell you that the statute of limitations has passed when it actually hasn't. However, you'll also want to move your case along quickly so the statute doesn't run out.

2. Forcing You to See Their Doctor

The insurance provider will offer you a doctor you could go see. However, you are always free to choose an independent medical examiner. If you're not satisfied with the doctor you visited, you could always get a second opinion. 

3. Hiring a Private Investigator

If your doctor places you under restrictions, the insurance provider may hire an adjuster to investigate you to ensure that you're following these restrictions. For this reason, you should always follow your doctor's restrictions and always assume that you may be recorded by a private investigator. You will also recover more quickly.

4. Stalling

When you receive your first settlement offer, it might be substantially lower than what your case is worth. This is often followed by a long period of negotiation where the insurance provider refuses to raise the settlement offer or only raises it by small increments. By working with a worker's compensation attorney to gather evidence, you'll be more likely to receive the settlement you want.

5. Wasting Your Time

As soon as you inform the worker's compensation insurance provider of your injury, the provider has a set period of time, based on the state in which the insurance provider is located, to accept or deny the claim or to request more time to investigate. If you do not receive a response within this time frame, contact a worker's compensation attorney.

You may be waiting a long time after being told that your case is under investigation when it actually isn't. Instead of waiting, you should contact a worker's compensation attorney as soon as possible. A worker's compensation law firm will have seen all the tricks and will help you seek compensation for your injuries.

If you believe that the insurance provider is acting in bad faith, you could write and send a bad faith letter. Have your attorney write this letter if the insurance provider makes a lowball offer, lies, or commits fraud. 


11 May 2020

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