Truck Accident Attorney: Injured As A Temporary Driver?


The explosion of online shopping and the COVID-19 pandemic have led to an unprecedented number of package deliveries. If you were hired as a temporary driver to deliver these packages and you find yourself injured on the job, a truck accident attorney can ensure that you're legally protected and compensated fairly.

Here are some common tactics used by truck accident attorneys when litigating cases involving temporary employees.

Insurance Game

Temporary workers are often not offered the same protections as full-time employees. When a temporary worker is involved in an accident, the employer and their insurance provider may attempt to evade liability.

  • Liability: Truck accident attorneys often focus on labor contracts. For temporary employees, these contracts can be layered with clauses and ambiguities concerning liability. However, if your truck accident attorney can definitively prove that your accident occurred while you were performing your job, the liability will shift to the employer.
  • Fallout: Truck accidents can have catastrophic consequences. If your accident resulted in serious medical complications and lawsuits involving other parties, you might find yourself facing thousands of dollars of bills and potential liabilities. Your truck accident attorney will leverage all of the insurance protection provided by your employer. This means securing payments for immediate expenses like medical bills and lost wages, while also pursuing relief from financial issues that might take months or years to resolve.

Negligence Negotiations

Liability and negligence can be the most contentious and important dilemmas in truck accident cases. If your truck accident attorney is able to prove that your employer's negligence contributed to the accident, you might be entitled to sizable compensation.

  • Safety and Training: Temporary employees don't always receive the same training as traditional workers. If your truck accident attorney can demonstrate that you did not receive the same level of training as other employees, they can argue that your employer has committed an act of serious negligence. The same thing goes for safety precautions. If you were asked to perform your job in dangerous conditions or were not afforded the same safety protections, your employer has neglected their legal duty to you.
  • Countering: If you're sued by another party involved in a truck accident, you might need to file a counter suit. These counter suits can be directed at the other party and/or your employer. For instance, if the police report doesn't clearly state primary fault, all the involved drivers share fault. Your truck accident lawyer can help you aggressively defend yourself.    


10 December 2020

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