3 Things To Photograph After An Accident To Improve The Outcome Of Your Case


After being involved in an accident, you may not know what to do. The most important thing is to ensure you and the others involved are okay. Then you have to alert police officers and emergency medical services about the incident. As you wait for the authorities and ambulances to arrive, you need to find a safe location and take photos of the scene.

Having photo evidence can mean the difference between a successful and a rejected claim. So, it is important to know what kind of pictures to take to help your auto accident lawyer build a strong case. The main things you should photograph include the following.

1. Your Physical State and Injuries Suffered

If you have sustained any injuries from the crash, take photos of each one, no matter how small. These pictures will show the type of injury suffered and how serious or big they are. Although some of these pictures may not be pleasing to look at, it is crucial to take multiple shots from different angles to help your case later on.

2. The Traffic Signs Around the Accident Scene

You may wonder how pictures of the traffic signs can help you. However, knowing the traffic signs at the scene and whether they were visible or not can help your lawyer reconstruct the circumstances that led to the accident. For instance, some signs may have been covered by bushes from one side when the accident happened, meaning the driver at fault may not have yielded on time. Since these bushes can be cut down after the accident or before your case is finalized, it will be helpful to have these pictures during the case.

3. The Damage Around the Scene

When it comes to taking pictures of accident damage, people tend to concentrate on the cars alone. Therefore, you will likely have many photos showing your car's internal and external damage. However, don't stop there, but take note of other damage involved in the scene. For instance, some road structures may have been knocked down during impact, and it is crucial to record them. Moreover, you may notice skid marks or debris around the accident scene. It is important to take photos of such features from different angles to show the damage associated with the accident.

If you are too injured to take these photos, you can ask a loved one or someone you trust who may be nearby to take them for you. After collecting these photos and getting medical attention, reach out to an experienced auto accident lawyer for further guidance. The lawyers understand the law and can help you pursue compensation and avoid legal troubles.

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19 April 2022

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