Essential Information You Require When Proving Your Innocence In A Motor Vehicle Collision


The aftermath of a car crash can be pretty stressful for those involved in it, in the short term and the long haul. One of the most challenging consequences you may face after a car crash is fighting allegations of being the wrongdoers. Such allegations could give you sleepless nights, worrying that you might be forced to pay damages you didn't cause or spend time in jail. Luckily, a car accident lawyer can help you untangle such a mess and seek fair compensation for your damages. They will start by sharing the following information to enable you to make informed decisions as you try to clear your name. 

The Process of Determining the Wrongdoer

Determining fault will begin as soon as you contact the traffic police department. They will dispatch a team of investigators to the accident scene to conduct investigations. The investigators will collect statements from drivers, passengers, and witnesses before the insurance adjuster examines the damages. After a thorough investigation, the police write a report indicating the party that could be responsible for the crash. Unfortunately, the police report might indicate that you are the at-fault party, and this is the right time to call your auto accident lawyer.

The Evidence You Require 

Your legal advisor needs sufficient evidence from the crash scene to convince the insurance agents that you are innocent. As such, you'll need to take photos of the situation at the accident scene. The surveillance footage of nearby cameras would also be fundamental in arguing your case. In addition, your attorney requires statements from eyewitnesses, drivers involved in the crash, and the police who conducted investigations. They may also suggest involving expert witnesses such as accident reconstruction specialists if the case seems complicated. 

The Compensation Process

Surprisingly, you can still get compensated for your damages even if you are partly at fault. However, your payment might be less than someone who never participated in the crash. In most cases, judges determine the payments awarded to each car accident victim by evaluating their percentage fault. Your legal advisor can assist you in sorting out the specifics of your case. They will then represent you in negotiations and the court hearings.  

Fighting fault allegations can be challenging, especially if you have no legal representation. Therefore, you should consider hiring a car accident lawyer to assist you when faced with such a situation. They will follow the due process to ensure that you find justice. 

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16 June 2022

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