Why Many 18-Wheeler Accidents Are Caused By The Improper Use Of A Lane


Because of the size of an 18-wheeler, the truck driver must use lanes properly. Unfortunately, some truck drivers are negligent and cause accidents because they fail to signal when changing lanes or engage in several other reckless actions.

Failing to Signal or Change Lanes Properly

If a truck driver fails to signal when changing lanes or merging onto the highway properly, it can result in another vehicle colliding with their trailer or even jackknifing the truck itself. When a truck makes an abrupt lane change, it can force other cars to take evasive action to avoid a collision. If you cannot avoid the truck's path, you might collide with the truck, damaging both the truck and your car.

Driving On a Narrow Lane and Not Considering Clearance

Also, if the truck driver takes a lane that is not wide enough for their vehicle and forces you to swerve out of the way, you might end up in an accident. Also, the truck might drive so close to your car that it strikes it because the negligent driver isn't considering clearance. This most often occurs when a driver is distracted, such as when they are using a mobile device or are exhausted and falling asleep.

How to Respond After an Accident with an 18-Wheeler

After the accident, you must seek medical attention as soon as possible. If you are injured while at the accident scene, it's best to wait until emergency services arrive so you can be taken to the hospital.

Not only will your trip to the hospital increase the odds that you'll have a better medical outcome, but you will also be able to obtain critical medical documents you'll need to prove that you were injured. It'll play a crucial role in processing your 18-wheeler accident claim and receiving total compensation for your injuries.

How to Prove Negligence

The other step of the process involves proving that the truck driver was negligent. You'll need help from professionals such as an 18-wheeler accident attorney and a witness to determine precisely what happened during your truck accident. This can be used to prove that the driver was negligent, so you can then win your truck accident case.

Proving fault is crucial because the truck company and its insurance provider will do everything possible to deny liability to avoid paying out a settlement. They will hire their own lawyers. Therefore, you'll need your own legal team to have a better outcome.


28 April 2023

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