3 Things You Need To Know About Wrongful Death Cases


Losing someone you love due to a wrongful death or personal injury claim isn't always about personal gain. Those who caused the death of your loved one are often forced to take action to prevent someone else's passing away, even if that means settling the case outside of the courtroom. To help you better understand a few things about wrongful death claims, check out the information below. Medical damages can involve homeopathic individuals as well.

15 January 2016

Where You Misdiagnosed With Breast Cancer Recently? Fight Back And Get Help


If you went into your doctor for a regular mammogram and the physician decided that they needed to treat you for breast cancer, but you were later cleared of the disease, you want to find a medical malpractice lawyer right away. If you went into debt, and spent your time trying to treat a disease that you didn't have, you deserve to be compensated. Unfortunately, there are thousands of people misdiagnosed with breast cancer annually.

4 January 2016

How Do You Know The Doctor Treated You With Your Informed Consent?


Your doctor should only treat you with your informed consent. Being informed means you understand all the benefits, risks, and alternatives of the available treatments. If you aren't informed, then your doctor may not hide behind your consent when a treatment goes awry, and you can sue him or her for medical malpractice. Here are three essential things your doctor must explain before treating you: Current Medical Status The first thing you need to understand is your current medical status, which means more than the name of the disease making you ill.

21 December 2015

Is The Driver Of The Truck Next To You On The Road Safe To Be Driving?


When you're out on the road in your car, do you ever look at the big rig traveling next to you and wonder if the driver is safe, medically speaking, to be driving? Hopefully, you'll never have reason to find out. However, if you're ever in an accident with a truck, that's one of the first questions you should be asking. This is what you should know. Who Is Checking Up On The Health Of The Nation's Drivers?

10 December 2015

Can You Sue A School For Giving Your Child The Wrong Medication?


A lot of children have to take prescription medications while they're at school. What happens when the school nurse gets distracted or doesn't pay enough attention and gives your child the wrong medication? Can you sue? Should you sue? The answer may depend on several factors. Was your child injured as a result? One of the first questions that any personal injury attorney will ask is what injury was suffered? If your child wasn't injured or suffered no lasting harm, you probably don't have much cause for a personal injury case.

24 November 2015

How Much Is Your Pain And Suffering Worth In A Personal Injury Lawsuit?


In addition to compensatory and punitive damages, you may also be eligible to receive financial compensation for any "pain and suffering" stemming from your injuries. While most people think convincing the jury to award pain and suffering damages is the tough part, it's actually figuring out how much those damages should be worth that can become a headscratcher, considering there's no concrete standard that juries can follow. Variables That Can Affect Your Award

12 November 2015

When A Storefront Gets Hit By A Truck: 5 Factors That Influence Liability And Property Damage Claims


If your commercial building has been hit by a commercial vehicle, a number of factors will determine who is at fault and who will collect damages. Here are 5 of the factors that may impact your property loss claim: 1. The type of vehicle that crashed into your business. If the commercial vehicle that hits your business is a standard car or truck, drivers are not normally covered by additional laws, although their insurance company may have their own strict conditions under which drivers are considered covered.

29 October 2015