Don't Let Legal Terms Contort Your Tort


When you are hurt by the negligent acts of another person, the road to getting relief is often not as straightforward as you might like it to be. In fact, this road is strewn with legal jargon. Simply trying to navigate tricky terms can be challenging. Even if you plan on having a lawyer by your side, it can help to understand some of the key terms that may come up in a personal injury relief.

11 April 2016

Why You May Be Arrested But Not Charged With A Crime


Not everybody arrested on suspicion of a criminal act ends up getting charged with a crime. Even if you aren't innocent, there are routes your arrest may take that do not involve official criminal charges. Here are a few examples of such routes: Mediation You may escape a criminal charge and trial if your case is diverted out of the criminal court system and designated for mediation. A facilitator will work with you and the complainant to discuss the accusations and solve it out of court.

30 March 2016

When A Hospital Injury Isn't Medical Malpractice


Just because you were injured in a hospital doesn't mean that you can sue the hospital for medical malpractice. This might be the case even if your injury was caused by another person's negligence. Here are three examples of such cases: Injuries Caused By Non-medical Staff Doctors and nurses aren't the only hospital workers whose negligence may cause injuries in a hospital. Negligence of other hospital workers, such as janitors and drivers, may also cause accidents in the hospital.

17 March 2016

Make Your Demands Known: Crafting A Persuasive Demand Letter


If you've been injured and are seeking to be compensated for an accident that was not your fault, you should be aware of a valuable tool in your quest to receive fair damages. The demand letter allows you to sum up how the accident has affected you and to inform the at-fault party in no uncertain terms of how you expect to be compensated. To help make sure that you write a successful and persuasive demand letter, read the below tips.

28 February 2016

Workers Comp Or VA Disability? A Lawyer Can Help Decide


Being injured on the job takes a toll on both the worker and the business. In addition to being in pain and potentially missing some of your pay, your business won't be as efficient while missing a valuable employee asset. As a veteran you need to think about your injuries and what could have contributed to the problem, such as mobility issues or distractions caused by something during military service. Before talking to anyone, consider a few injury compensation angles and speak with a lawyer from a firm like Owen Law Firm.

11 February 2016

Strategies To Reduce Workers' Compensation Costs For Your Small Business


When it comes to reducing workers' compensation insurance, many small businesses assume the only thing they can do is to reduce incidences of injuries in their workplaces. It's true that reducing the number of claims is one of the best ways of curbing rising premiums, but there are other equally effective measures. Here are three more strategies to employ: Instigate A Return-to-work Program Such a program ensures an injured worker returns to work as soon as he or she is able.

28 January 2016

How To Determine If You Should Engage In Wrongful Death Mediation


If you have experienced the wrongful death of a person that is close to you, be it a friend or a family member, you are probably grieving the death of your loved one and seeking justice in his or her name. This may prompt you to hire a wrongful death attorney in order to make sure that you get your friend or family member the justice that he or she deserves and some financial compensation to aid with continuing to live life after your loved one has passed.

22 January 2016