When A Storefront Gets Hit By A Truck: 5 Factors That Influence Liability And Property Damage Claims


If your commercial building has been hit by a commercial vehicle, a number of factors will determine who is at fault and who will collect damages. Here are 5 of the factors that may impact your property loss claim: 1. The type of vehicle that crashed into your business. If the commercial vehicle that hits your business is a standard car or truck, drivers are not normally covered by additional laws, although their insurance company may have their own strict conditions under which drivers are considered covered.

29 October 2015

4 Things That Might Affect The Amount Of Your Personal Injury Settlement


When you are seeking a personal injury settlement after being hurt as a result of someone else's actions, you may not know how much money you are eligible for. Here are some of the things that could affect the amount of your settlement. Your Marriage Status You might not know this, but it seems that older married couples are typically awarded morethan young, single people. They are usually seen as more stable and therefore, more believable by some insurance companies and juries.

20 October 2015

Do You Have a Medical Malpractice Lawsuit?


Medical care saves millions of lives every year, but that doesn't mean doctors are exempt from making mistakes. Unfortunately, mistakes in the medical field also happen every year, and they can cause permanent damage for the patient. Medical malpractice exists so that you can be compensated for any permanent damage you sustain at the hands of a doctor's negligence. If you believe you're a victim of medical malpractice, you'll probably want to know how the lawsuit would work before consulting a lawyer.

8 October 2015

Understanding The Need For Personal Injury Attorneys


Accidents happen; and sometimes it really was just an accident, people being in the wrong place at the wrong time. However, if you take the time to look at all the facts and evidence surrounding the situation, you may find out that one person involved was in some way negligent. If you have been injured due to someone else's negligence, that person should have to be responsible for the monetary cost to you, and for any emotional stress it caused.

29 September 2015

Tips For Choosing An Accident Attorney


A car accident can totally ruin your day, but you don't want to let it ruin your life. If you're injured, hiring a car accident attorney can make sure that you're properly compensated for the damage resulting from the accident. It's important to choose the right car accident attorney.   Get Referrals With a case this important, you don't want to just choose the first lawyer in the yellow pages or the one you've heard the most commercials for on the radio.

11 September 2015

Why You May Be Liable For Your Car's Accident Even If You Were Not The Driver


In many accident cases, it is the drivers of the cars who are held liable for the ensuing injuries and damages. This is usually the case when the drivers are also the car's owners. However, there are legal principles that may hold you responsible for accidents that involve your car, even if you were not on the driver's seat. Here are three examples of these principles: Vicarious Liability This legal theory holds you responsible for accidents caused by your subordinates.

4 August 2015

How To Get Your Medical Records For A Personal Injury Case


If you have been injured through no fault of your own and are considering filing a personal injury case, you will need to access your medical records. Your records are the single most important piece of evidence that exists  to support your injury case, but sometimes being able to get copies of the reports you need can be challenging. Read on for more information about what your rights are in regards to your medical records.

23 June 2015

3 Signs That You Should Hire a Car Crash Attorney


If you have recently been involved in a car accident, you probably want to move on from the situation as soon as possible. There are some situations, however, in which you can't really move on quickly. For example, there's a good chance that you might need to hire a car accident lawyer to help you after your wreck. These are a few signs that it's a good idea to seek legal representation.

16 June 2015

What Is Permanent Partial Disability And How Do You Get It?


If you were injured at work and that injury is meant to last long-term, you may be able to get disability coverage. If can still work, but that work is limited due to your disability, you might be eligible for permanent partial disability. Here is information about this type of disability coverage and how you can get it. What is Permanent Partial Disability? It helps to first understand what permanent partial disability (PPD) is and how it works.

11 May 2015

How To Prove Fault After An Auto Accident


Determining who is at fault for an automobile accident can be difficult, but it is a crucial part of the claim process. The innocent motorist will not have to pay (via his or her insurance) for the ensuing damages, and may also avoid criminal charges (if the accident resulted in a fatal injury). So how do you prove that the other motorist was at fault?  The Police Reports When police officers come to an accident scene, they survey it and file a report.

10 April 2015